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Is the COVID-19 Pandemic Fading Away?

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The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published its weekly COVID-19 report today, showing various trends on the decline.
This good news from the CDC on March 5, 2021, includes declines in cases, hospitalizations, and mortality related to COVID-19 in the USA.
In recent weeks during 2021, there has been an overall decline of 43.1% of the COVID-19 fatality 7-day moving average since January 13th. The current 7-day average of related deaths is a 6.7% decrease from the previous 7-day average of 2,060 daily deaths.

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A World With Fleeting Flu Cases

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The current influenza surveillance data should be interpreted with caution, says the World Health Organization (WHO).
The WHO announced on March 1, 2021, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has influenced to varying extents health-seeking behaviors globally. The various hygiene and physical distancing measures implemented to reduce the spreading of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus have likely played a role in reducing influenza virus transmission.